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GIVnews November 2023

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Our highlighted updates from everything related to the Giveth Galaxy and the GIVeconomy 🌌

🟢 Grant Season As RetroPGF3 voting comes to a close, we'd like to thank all the badge holders who voted for us and believed in our mission along with all the generous donors who contributed to Giveth's grant during Gitcoin’s GG19.

ENS Small Grants  Giveth is in the Public Goods category as Small Grants makes a comeback! If you can't vote yet, grab yourself a voter card. Your support would mean the world to us!

🔴 Recap of Optimism QF Round The results are in. Thanks to you, our Optimism QF Round was a massive success! 125 projects raised $23,000 in donations, and got an additional $25,000 from matching funds! Stay tuned for the announcement of our next round.

🟪 Polygon QF Round Speaking of QF, we're gearing up for a Polygon QF Round early next year. 170k $MATIC of donation matching is available! Check out this tweet for more info. 

🫂 GIVconnect Over 40 contributors joined forces for an unforgettable Giveth Galaxy retreat in Istanbul, packed with team building, team bonding, and our participation at the ETHGlobal hackathon!

🎅 Ready for the Giving Season? We have a special QF round coming up. 👀 Get your hands on a unique Giveth NFT to get the power to nominate projects for our Giving Season QF Round!

Featured Project 🙌 

SoilDAO 🌱

SoilDAO, a leader in environmental innovation, secured top funding in our recent Optimism QF round thanks to your generous contributions. Created by the Temple of Soil, SoilDAO aims to preserve and regenerate the Earth's topsoil through revolutionary land stewardship.


Newly Verified Projects 🏆

In this section, we highlight some of the newly verified projects on Giveth. This is a great place to discover exciting initiatives and support them early on in their Giveth journeys, while of course earning some sweet GIVbacks. 😍

💡  Nextme Next is on a mission to create a robust social economy network that connects creators, brands, and users.

🌳 GreenGuard Vetiver Initiative Cultivating Sustainable Since April 2023, Charity DAO has embarked on a tree-planting project, receiving daily vetiver tree donations from Maxity Charity Forest.

💙 Bcharity Bcharity is an open ledger public good, meticulously recording every donation and its impact. They are out to reshape how we perceive charity, giving, and addressing global challenges.

🤲 Greenpill Fund for Inclusive Solutions in Turkey Ayder, the Alternative Life Association in Turkey, has been a driving force for change since 2002, advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities.

🖐 Greenpill 3D Printed Prosthesis Fund Robotel, a non-profit in Turkey, provides free, personalized 3D-printed mechanical hands, especially for children with hand and finger deformities.

🌿 Greenpill Fund for Ethical Silk Production A visionary cooperative that intertwines the threads of sustainability, ethical fashion, and traditional textile craftsmanship.

🌍 Greenpill Holistic Healthy Living Fund Yersu Holistic Healthy Living Association is an organization that emphasizes the interconnectedness of all living beings and the profound impact each has on the other.

👩‍🌾 The Commons GreenCoin A transformative project in Tanzania, dedicated to empowering women, youth, and people with special needs by providing opportunities often limited due to unemployment.

GIVfriends 🫶

This month’s GIVfriend is: Polygon!

We're eagerly anticipating the launch of the Polygon QF Round on Giveth with a 170k $MATIC of donation matching available, starting in mid-January! Teaming up with Polygon Labs, we're set to champion and uplift brilliant creators and builders, contributing invaluable expertise to the Polygon ecosystem. For more info visit the Polygon Village site.

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