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New Chains, New QF Rounds ✨

GIVnews 2024 #2

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Our highlighted updates from everything related to the Giveth Galaxy and the GIVeconomy 🌌

πŸ’™πŸ§‘ Arbitrum is now LIVE for Giveth donors and projects! The L2 with the most value locked is now on Giveth! Add an Arbitrum address to receive funds to your Giveth project, or donate tokens to projects that added their Arbitrum One address.

✨ ENS DAO Builders QF Round: We're teaming up with ENS DAO for the Builders QF Round. This round is an experiment designed to provide funding for small teams or individuals working on public goods projects with a proven track record. Read the info and apply (Deadline: March 15th).

🌏 Last few hours to donate in the Meta Pool QF Round! Show your support by donating and make a big difference in empowering initiatives across the APAC region.

πŸ’œ Giveth is participating in Glo Dollar x Arbitrum QF Round on Gitcoin. If you like the work we’re doing, show your support and also be sure to explore our grant to learn how we aim to leverage donations to expand the reach of Glo Dollar across our ecosystem.

πŸ’¬ Giveth on Farcaster. We've hopped on board with Farcaster! If you're also part of the Farcaster community, give us a follow to catch all our latest updates and initiatives (we’re still trying to figure out what a frame is).

🎁 The Giving Season QF Round matching funds have been sent out. Thanks to the generous support from OctantApp, Public Nouns, and Glo Dollar, we distributed $25,000 USDGLO to 85 verified projects on Optimism. A huge thank you to our incredible community for contributing $17,125, you are amazing!

Featured Solana Projects πŸ™Œ

Since Giveth is now integrated with Solana, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite Solana public goods projects you can donate to on our platform.

Sunrise Stake

Sunrise Stake is a volunteer-driven project using blockchain to fund climate-positive projects. They direct staking rewards towards environmental initiatives, making it easy for users to contribute to fighting climate change. They've offset thousands of tons of CO2 and collaborate with organizations like the Solana Foundation.



EcoToken is a project focused on environmental sustainability that operates on the Solana blockchain. They aim to simplify and streamline support for the planet by facilitating the transfer of environmental credits through blockchain technology. Additionally, EcoToken empowers smaller-scale environmental projects by providing new funding methods and bringing their efforts onto the blockchain.


Newly Verified Projects πŸ†

In this section, we highlight some of the newly verified projects on Giveth. This is a great place to discover exciting initiatives and support them early on in their Giveth journeys, while of course earning some sweet GIVbacks. 😍

🏠 Anticlub House is a vibrant cultural hub in Mexico City, nurturing talent, hosting indie musicians and offering workshops on everything from music to self-management. They're even hosting a Blockchain workshop for women musicians and running Anticlub Radio to spotlight local creativity. 

πŸ“š Bahar Library is a community-driven initiative in Ramin Village, Chabahar, Iran. It enhances educational opportunities for local children and creates a rich cultural environment through donations of books, stationery and children's activities.

πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ ETH Bangkok is a vibrant community hosting an event to bring together builder communities in Southeast Asia, connect web3 players with global ecosystems, and educate and inspire developers through real-world use cases and role models in support of Devcon 2024.

πŸ’§Donate a Weather Station project aims to provide farmers, especially those in developing areas, with access to reliable weather forecasts. This initiative, led by WeatherXM in collaboration with EthicHub, seeks to donate weather stations to empower farmers with the essential weather knowledge needed for successful farming.

πŸ—πŸŒ± Commons Hub Resurrection project is seeking support to rebuild after the community space was extensively vandalized. With significant property damage and financial losses, the project aims to restore The Commons Hub to its former vibrancy and community-driven vision. 

🦸πŸ”₯ Heroes Against Wildfires in Colombia is a campaign by Cumbres Blancas dedicated to combating the devastating wildfires ravaging Colombia's paramos. Contributions to the campaign will support logistical expenses for firefighting efforts, including food, drinks, transportation, and equipment, as the heroic efforts continue to protect Colombia's precious natural heritage.

πŸ₯˜ Admeal is a platform that transforms cooking passion into economic opportunity by empowering food bloggers and home cooks. It offers a unique solution through recipe tokenization and usage tracking. With Admeal, users can monetize their culinary skills, earning passive income while contributing to social, environmental, and economic change.

GIVfriends πŸ’™


Donorship is transforming charitable giving with its seamless platform, enabling users to donate cryptocurrencies to over 2000 non-profit organizations. Their innovative widget can be easily integrated into any online platform, empowering users to support their favorite causes directly. And guess what? Now you can donate to Giveth’s verified projects on multiple websites thanks to the Donorship widget!

Stake Together

Stake Together is an innovative Ethereum Liquid Staking protocol that allows you to stake your ETH while supporting projects you care about. Through their platform, you can earn rewards while contributing to valuable initiatives. We've teamed up with Stake Together to boost funding for top Giveth projects. By staking your ETH for stpETH in our Giveth project ETH staking pool on their app, you can make a difference and earn rewards at the same time!

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