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GIVnews 2024 #4

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Our highlighted updates from everything related to the Giveth Galaxy and the GIVeconomy. 🌌

🛸Galactic Giving QF Round on Arbitrum! Join the force for positive change starting tomorrow, as we kick off our new QF round with a matching pool of 50,000 USDGLO. Don't miss out on empowering impact projects across the Web3 Galaxy. 

🌟 New Feature Alert: Recurring Donations on Giveth! Powered by Superfluid: now you can support your favorite projects continuously on Optimism Mainnet. Visit the donate page of your favorite project, choose "Recurring Donation," deposit tokens, and select your monthly contribution. That easy. 

💛 $GIV on LBank! $GIV is now listed on LBank, opening the doors to a global audience. Get your $GIV on LBank here.

🎉 ENS Builders QF Round results are in! With a generous matching pool of $20,000 DAI on OP Mainnet, sponsored by ENS Public Goods Working Group, the round received $7,503 in donations from 138 unique donors.

🟢Giveth in #GG20 We're excited to be part of Gitcoin’s #GG20, the largest QF Round in Web3. Big thanks to everyone who takes time to support Giveth and the other incredible projects participating! 

🎙GIVtalk Couldn't make it to our most recent GIVtalk featuring Anna from ReFi DAO? Listen back now for insights & strategies to empower impact projects like yours.

Social Media Badges Now Available on Project Pages! Now, when creating or editing your project, you can seamlessly integrate social media badges. Simply add your social media links, and voilà! Your project page will showcase clickable badges, making it easier than ever for donors to connect with you. 

🫶Thanks for Your Support in Octant Epoch 3! We want to express our gratitude to everyone who allocated a portion of their Octant rewards. Your support is instrumental in fueling our mission to make real-world impact with Web3 tools.

This month, we shine the spotlight on ReFi DAO, the top-funded project from the ENS Builders QF Round.

ReFi DAO operates as a dynamic network society committed to the regeneration of the Earth. Their mission revolves around providing strategic services and public goods for the ReFi ecosystem. 

Services include movement-wide sense-making, education, opportunity development, fundraising support, and empowerment through online platforms, multimedia, and community coordination.


Newly Verified Projects 🏆

In this section, we highlight some of the newly verified projects on Giveth. This is a great place to discover exciting initiatives and support them early on in their Giveth journeys, while of course earning GIVbacks. 😍

📰 CARBON Copy is a project dedicated to bridge the information gap within the Web3 regenerative finance sector by offering news, education, analysis, and project evaluations. 

🏠Moos, situated in Berlin, serves as a cultural centre advocating for creative crisis management, collaboration among civic actors and the empowerment of socially disadvantaged groups. 

📚 DeFinomics Labs is an educational powerhouse specializing in DeFi, Tokenomics, and Web3 Data Analytics. They offer a range of activities including article and paper translations, certified programs, bootcamps, tutorials, and scholarships

💡 GrantsScope revolutionizes Web3 public goods funding (PGF) by using data science and AI to empower donors. The platform provides personalized recommendations, self-discovery tools, and reduces information asymmetry during PGF rounds on Gitcoin Grants.

The Panama DAO is a DAO on the Ethereum blockchain, striving to become a Network State within Panama. Their community consists of blockchain enthusiasts, innovators, and visionaries dedicated to positive change locally and globally.

🌿 The Cultural Center and Coliazul Community Project seeks to establish a Cultural Center as a hub for holistic education, sustainability, cultural exchange, and community development

🔒rolod0x is a free browser extension designed to simplify and enhance the experience of browsing web3 sites. It functions as a privacy-preserving address book for the web3 environment. Users can assign memorable labels to long hexadecimal addresses, making them easier to recognize and manage

GIVfriends 🫶


Arbitrum is a technology suite specifically engineered to scale Ethereum, offering users faster and more cost-effective transactions without compromising on security. 

Arbitrum is stepping up as a proud sponsor of our Galactic Giving QF round. The round will run from May 2nd through May 16th on Arbitrum, with a matching pool of 50,000 USDGLO. 

Don't miss out on joining us in supporting incredible projects participating in the round starting tomorrow! 🚀

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