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✨🟣We're excited to announce the Quadratic Accelerator! We’ve partnered with Polygon to launch a web3 accelerator program to help projects escape the grant-hunting cycle through the safe launch of token economies. Sign up here to stay updated!

🌍 Calling all Earth-focused projects Join our upcoming GIV-Earth QF round on Celo dedicated to supporting initiatives nurturing Mother Earth. To participate, ensure your project is verified on Giveth, has a Celo address & focuses on environmental issues. Apply now! 

🪐 Galactic Giving Results! With a generous 50,000 USDGLO matching pool on Arbitrum and 96 eligible projects, this round garnered an impressive $37,068 in donations from 1,531 unique contributors. For a detailed breakdown of the results, check out our forum post

🔴 We've updated GIVbacks! By popular request, starting GIVbacks round 64, donations on most chains will yield GIVbacks on Optimism. Donations on Gnosis will still yield donations on Gnosis. And we’ve rebalanced the APRs for GIV staking to support the new community of GIV holders on Optimism!

🏆Don't miss out on our Recurring Donation Rally! Boost projects with GIVpower to reach the Top 25 by June 11, set up recurring donations from June 12, and stand a chance to win GIV tokens, $nice tokens & exclusive Givers PFP NFTs!

🎙 Did you miss our GIVtalk? Catch up on insights from MetaFam's Peth.eth on keeping a Web3 community engaged in our latest episode.

🟢💊 Catch Griff on GreenPill Podcast. Tune in to hear about big innovations in the Giveth Galaxy, unique selling points & exciting collaborations with Polygon. 

🌟 A Huge Thank You to Our Gitcoin #GG20 & CeloRetroPGF0 Supporters! We're beyond grateful for the amazing GG20 donors and the wonderful CeloRetroPGF0 stewards! Your support is key to pushing our mission forward and making a real difference in decentralized giving.

This month, we are excited to feature Public Nouns, an innovative approach to supporting public goods.

Public Nouns uses a strong funding mechanism and simple governance framework inspired by Nouns. By replacing Nouns heads with memetic representations of public goods, it experiments with continuous public goods funding.

All ETH from Public Noun auctions goes directly to the Public Nouns DAO, where one Public Noun equals one vote.


Newly Verified Projects 🏆

In this section, we highlight some of the newly verified projects on Giveth. This is a great place to discover exciting initiatives and support them early on in their Giveth journeys, while of course earning sweet GIVbacks. 😍

🧠Neurodiversity Foundation aims to create a neuroinclusive society that embraces all types of minds. They develop tools, conduct research, and run campaigns to enhance equality and cooperation between neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals. 

🇨🇴Ethereum Cali bridges traditional industries with innovative technologies like Ethereum. As a DAO with foundation status, it collaborates with local stakeholders to enhance skills, promote Ethereum education, integrate technology into enterprises, support local projects, and foster community engagement. 

🐘Unchained Elephants project is dedicated to helping elephants that are mistreated in tourism. Their goal is to rescue and help these animals while teaching people about the problems with using elephants for tourism.

📊 Open Source Observer is transforming impact measurement in the open-source domain. They curate a registry of projects, devise impact metrics, and provide tools for funders, developers, and data scientists.

🇧🇷 Aid for Woman and Kids in Rio Grande do Sul/ Brazil seeks urgent relief by gathering funds to purchase necessities for those affected by severe flooding caused by climate change. Organized by H.E.R. DAO Brazil, donations support food, water, medicine, and shelter for impacted individuals, particularly women and children.

📚Modular Crypto empowers the Portuguese-speaking community with education about blockchain and web3. They deliver trustworthy content through various channels, including weekly shows, podcasts, daily news updates, and a newsletter.

🔬 HyperDeSci is a crowdfunding matching pool initiative supporting DeSci projects and exploring new funding strategies, including those on Allo-V2.

GIVfriends 🫶


Superfluid is revolutionizing how DAOs and crypto businesses handle subscriptions, salaries, vesting, and rewards with their innovative asset streaming protocol.

We are excited to partner with Superfluid, bringing continuous support to your favorite projects on Giveth. Now, you can create Recurring Donations, ensuring a steady flow of contributions over time and making a lasting impact.

Currently, recurring donations on Giveth can be made using the Optimism network, leveraging its speed and efficiency.

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